An Active-Adult Community of Single-Family Homes
Located in Franconia Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania



The addresses and phone numbers of the following committee members are in the directory of homeowners. The directory is protected with an ID and a password.

Architectural Review - 2017
Bill Kurnz - Chair
Chuck Antell
Frank Byrnes
Anna Vasturia
Board Liaison - Dan Leidy

Landscaping - 2017
Tozia Engleman.- Chair
Joe Clark
Jean Frey
Gloria Moyer
Ruth and Lowell Moyer
Marisa Sau
Leona Tosten
Board Liaison - Frank Buonaiuto

Governance - 2017
Rick Cline
Jack McCollum
Lowell Moyer
Board Liaison - Tom Engleman

Social Committees
Ruth Schiller (Book Club)
Millie Kurnz (Ladies Lunch Bunch)
Richard Cline (Men's Breakfasts)

Sunshine Committee
Tozia Engleman - Chair
Lynn Detwiler - meals

Requests for Landscape and Architectural Changes

Chairs of the Landscape Committee and the Architectural Review Committee are the primary contacts for homeowners who want to make changes to or around their homes.

To request any change, the first thing to do is to retrieve and print out an Alteration Request Form. A hard copy of that form (no digital forms) with any attachments then should be delivered to the appropriate committee chair, NOT to the Management Company.

Where to deliver an Alteration Request Form:
Landscape Changes - 284 Westminster Lane
Architectural Changes
- 276 Kingsfield Drive

Any proposed change outside the six-foot property of a home requires a site licence. Click here to retrieve and print out the Site License Form. Then include that form along with an Alteration Request Form to be sent to the appropropriate committee chair (see above).